when you must work…

We all know the drill. We all know those days. You know, when you’re just not in the mood for work or rain, and yet the day has brought you both. Okay well, regardless – that is what I’m dealing with right now in Houston aka the city of perpetual bipolar weather (ily anyway though H-town).

It’s rainy and hazy and drizzly and we just want to go watch re-runs. Well, I can’t do that today (sad, right?!) so I’m just going to re-imagine my workspace instead. Cozy office + cup of coffee for the win.





I like the contrasting colors of the chair and the desk. It seems old-school, yet modern at the same time and that’s just my favorite thing about it. Greenery or flowers really add life to an otherwise dull desk.


I like to keep the top reasonably uncluttered – I don’t understand people who have like 800+ items on their desks (I see you fashion books, candles and paperweights), that is why they invented shelves. Set a few favorites and keep it clean-cut – it looks more organized and more professional anyway.