Traveling Arctic | Sweden Part 2

Days 2 and 3 of traveling in arctic Sweden was filled with tons of activities and adventures. Both Connor and myself love to try new things, and we were beyond excited to go dog-sledding. These cute husky pups were the sweetest, most excitable dogs I have ever met!!! They all seemed to be best friends and genuinely love running around together after their leader. Initially, I was a little concerned that they might be cold out there in the freezing winds, but the locals assured me that they actually can get dangerously hot and overheated quickly if the temperature is not cold enough.

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So, after taking a very quick crash-course in how to drive a dog sled, we were off on our ride. Both Connor and I decided that we wanted to each drive our own dog sled (because, why not?) so it was a little hard to get pictures. I mean, I didn’t want to clumsily fall off while trying to snap the perfect photo right? Lol, I totally almost did. Anyway, the dogs are very smart and know what they are doing so I wasn’t really worried about running into trees or going over a snowbank. The winds get very cold out on the open tundra though, so if you’re into it you need to make sure you’ve got some kind of scarf or baklava covering your face, neck, and head. Definitely not worth the wind-burn.

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It was so amazing and exhilarating to drive the dog sled, and feel so free and wild out there in the arctic wilderness. It’s definitely an experience that I highly recommend if you ever get the opportunity, and it’s definitely something we will remember forever.


How many nights did you spend in the ice room?

You probably could spend as many as you’d like in the ice room, but we only stayed one. Ideally, I would recommend staying in the ice room your first night because you’re all amped up and still warm. We stayed in a warm, cozy cabin the other two nights we spent at the Ice Hotel.

What is Swedish food like? 

Swedish food is actually quite similar to American food in many regards. Ham and cheese are a part of breakfast, as are croissants and pancakes. Swedish locals really enjoy putting ligonberry jam on their pastries as well as enjoy ligonberry juice. Ligonberry is kind of a mix between cranberry and strawberry, although I think I like it better than cranberry. It is really good. Dinner and lunch menus consist of elk, duck, and reindeer selections, along with lots of seafood dishes as well. One of our favorite meals was reindeer chili with vegetables, and another was crispy cheesy potatoes.

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What do you wear?

Layers and layers and layers and layers. And maybe some more layers. It is super cold (well, for a Texan at least) and you could get hypothermia if you aren’t careful. I had a minor hypothermia scare after snowmobiling after dark on our last night in Kiruna, and trust me it is no fun. Beanies are your BFF, keep your gloves on at all times, and make sure you have the warmest of wool socks.

Did you really see the Northern Lights?

YES. Super cool. Read more about it on my next guide.

traveling arctic, emily tamlyn


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