shorts style / denim x denim

Look out for classic and patchwork denim this season and mix and match it up – chambray is your best friend and legit looks good on everyone.

Where to wear: casual lunches, dinners or brunches, music festivals, the beach, around town. (also perfect for rodeo season)

Where not to wear: the office! unless you work at a music festival, or the beach, or somewhere around town that lets you do that.




Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 2.14.41 PM


Just so you know, there’s nothing I really love more than a really good pair of denim shorts. They’re super youthful and comfy too. Thanks Daisy Duke for making this a trend.

Try to find a pair that works well for your body type and style – maybe frayed, maybe high-waisted, maybe low-waisted, maybe longer or cuffed. How else are we supposed to survive in the hot summer months?