saturday brews

So, yesterday we bundled up and ventured out to Karbach Brewery. I thought it was an excellent adventure on a bright, sunny Saturday afternoon. The outdoor laid-back biergarten boasted tons of tables, beer-toting friends playing cornhole/washers (bean bag toss?) and a few colorful food trucks. The setup is to this place is to buy your Karbach glass and 3 tokens, and then wait in line to refill your own glass each time you’re ready for a new drink. And, you can choose whichever Karbach beer you like. Simple and easy.  We stayed for about 4 hours and had the best time catching up with friends, and jamming out to the live band. It was so much fun.




What to drink:

Weisse Versa Wheat Beer | my fav of all the Karbach beers. I’m not going to say anything else, just order that.

Sympathy for the Lager | Connor’s top choice of the day. He also likes the Karbach Hopadillo IPA though. These two are a bit hoppy/ heavy for me, but I think it’s a great option for all the people who can handle it.

Love Street | Okay, I think almost every person who has tried this beer has loved it. Seriously. Highly recommend.




What to eat: 

Pretzel | We started off with the biggest pretzel ever. I pretty much will, without fail, always order a pretzel if its on the menu (especially if it’s at a baseball game anywhere). This one was very classic, and didn’t disappoint. It was the perfect snack to split. Salty goodness.





Other recommendations:

While I usually try to eat pretty healthy, I decided to make an exception (ugh, I know) and try the Korean Fried Chicken and the 44 Farms Burger. I mean how could you not at a place like this??

The Burger | The sun was out, but the wait for drinks was long so we took a shortcut. It seemed like a great atmosphere for a casual burger, and it was. I kept mine pretty plain, with a hearty dose of ketchup. Amazing.

Korean Fried Chicken | Splattered with sauce and spicy flavors, it’s a great treat. Although we went through quite a few napkins.