runnin runnin

Running is freaking hard, right? Especially when you haven’t been out in awhile.I always like it later, but when you haven’t hit the sidewalk/treadmill in a few weeks it can be a bit tough to start. So, my recommendation is to just start – just get out there and who cares if you have to take a break every 5 minutes? Eventually, you won’t have to.




What I’m wearing | Black Nike sports bra, gray hand-me-down tee from my old roomie D’Arcy ♥ (not pictured: black Lululemon leggings)

Even if you aren’t a runner at heart (honestly, I prefer Pilates myself anyway…), there are still some awesome ways to get some cardio in. Check out the moves below, courtesy of PopSugar Fitness.



Where to run in Houston:

Memorial Park | usually fairly crowded, but beautiful and big and lots of fun. The Beck’s Prime nearby though can be hard to resist.

North/South Boulevard in Southampton | very old Houston neighborhood full of huge, gorgeous old homes and lots of oak trees.

Rice University Running Path | a West-U fav, tons of shade and upbeat runners.

Eleanor Tinsley Park Running Trails | lots of great views of downtown and the bayou, bridges to cross, city vibes.