monday motivation

It’s late in the day Monday (hey, it’s better than Monday morning right? more than halfway done!), and I thought I’d throw a little motivation out there for everyone in these last few hours of work. I’m gonna get a LITTLE more sentimental here, just because it is one of those days. When you feel like dragging (and I definitely do today) don’t forget to rely on your friends for comfort/support/suggestions/advice/to vent/to talk about the bachelorette (wink wink) or whatever you are going through or whatever is bothering you. Everyone has their stuff – remember that – and their days, but God made SO many of us so that we can rely on each other. Reach out to a friend you haven’t talked with in awhile, send a text to a new friend you met – you never really know when something small just might make someone’s day (and they’d probably never tell you anyway but that doesn’t matter). It’s the little things like this that make our lives OUR LIVES and I love being reminded to stop for a sec, and remember that we need our friends just as much as they need us. So, here’s the reminder.