colorado adventures | crested butte

I’ve been putting off this post for quite awhile because I have SO MANY things to share about this awesome little town and I want to make sure I don’t leave anything out!

First things first if you’ve never heard of Crested Butte (are you living under a rock?) –  it’s in Colorado and it’s about a long day hike over the mountain away from Aspen, CO. A lot less commercial, the mountain vibe is really chill and fun.


Leather booties | Chinese Laundry 

White checked poncho | Forever 21 

 A few of my favorite things to do here:

#1: Climb to the peak of Mt. Crested Butte. Legit amazing views, although it can be really dangerous. There’s a lot of sharp, steep rocks and really no guided signs. Follow the other climbers if they are around, and don’t rush. The views are really worth it. Also, I watched a 4 year old and her 70-something year old grandfather climb up and back sooo trust me it’s really not that hard.



#2: Long Lake – kind of another tough hike to get there, but not nearly as strenuous as the peak climb. The lake is GORGEOUS and I recommend bringing a swimsuit/lawn chair/your dog/backpack with lunch – this is what the locals do in the summer and they’ve really got it right. Awesome spot to chill with friends or family.


#3: Bike into town. Or bike around the mountain. Whichever really, just get on a bike. Connor loves to mountain bike, but I am just fine with coasting down the smooth concrete path where I know I can’t run into a tree. The mountain bikers here are crazy good so if you are on the mountain they will for sure be whisking past you at full speed. Super fun though, wear a helmet. emilytamlyn

#4: GET LOCAL. Seriously, just go explore the town. Between grabbing ice cream cones at Third Bowl and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and sipping on the locally brewed beers at Brick Oven, there’s a ton of things to do. You can leave your bike with no lock – this was shocking to me – and no one will steal it. That’s how chill this town is. Be sure to stop by Camp 4 Coffee in the morning (it’s my dad’s absolute favorite!)


Restaurant recommendations:

BONEZ | A tequila-lover’s fav hangout. Grab some tacos and margaritas here for lunch or dinner. Very southwestern, easy-loving food. Can’t go wrong.

The Brick Oven | A Crested Butte staple, it’s been around forever for a reason. They serve super good pizza (all kinds!) and their patio is by far the best. Menu here.

Avalanche Bar and Grill | right off the mountain, it’s an awesome stop for the ski crowd in the winter and the mountain bikers in the summer. Probably have whatever you are craving, including tons of local beer. Check out the menu here.

The Secret Stash | another awesome pizza place. Although, I really liked it better when it was more “secret” and you had to wait 2 hours to get in. Now it’s right on the main street and while still insanely tasty, not as exciting and underground as it used to be.

OKAY and last thing that’s probably worth noting is that there are usually a ton of musicians (local and national) who come to play in Crested Butte at night. We got to see Pat Green our first night out, but there were tons of local bands playing at the park on the reg each night. Def something to check out if you’re into music!

Alright that’s it. Peace.