coffee stop

I became a coffee drinker back in high school. Okay, let me clarify – I became a latte and cappuccino drinker in high school. Coffee black was never my favorite although sometimes if that’s the only caffeine available I will maybe drink it. Definitely down for expresso after dinner. But lattes… omg, they are my favorite. I was definitely that girl in college who was late to class because the Starbucks line was too long (it’s always too long, just for the record). It being Wednesday/hump day/mid week madness I was reallllyyyy feeling the need for one of my favorite lattes this morning. So, where to go?



Tiny Boxwood’s | Upper Kirby + West University 

Sometimes I come here and ONLY order a latte because it’s worth it. Their food is amazing, don’t get me wrong and I’ll probably do another post on Tiny’s soon because I love it that much, but their lattes are legit.


Sweet Paris | Rice Village 

Not what you think of when you think of a typical coffee place (they make the best crepes in town in my opinion) but every time I go I am compelled to order a latte because it’s just that delicious. They put cinnamon on it too. So good.


Also to try: Blacksmith Coffee Bar in Montrose, Common Bond in Montrose, Croissant Brioche in Rice Village.

And you know, you can always hit up Starbucks on basically any street corner anywhere. My usual order: grande, non-fat, no-water chai latte occasionally with an extra shot of expresso.