BVI part 1| wave on wave

I was born to sail and chill. I learned I’m definitely not as good as a swimmer as I thought I was though (or maybe it was all the pineapple rum drinks…). Anyway, sailing has quickly become one of my absolute favorite things to do when on a tropical getaway vacation.


Best place to SAIL for a party: 

Jost Van Dyke | one of the 4 islands that make up the BVI. Hit up Soggy Dollar Bar in White Bay or Foxy’s in the Great Harbour. White sand, blue ocean.



What to bring: 

Passport, swimsuit (obviously), sunscreen, sunglasses, extra pair of sunglasses in case you get crushed by a wave like I did, waterproof camera, cash, tote bag/plastic bag. Typically your captain or guide will provide you with towels, but they aren’t 100% necessary. It’s not cold.

Swimsuit and sunglasses by Seafolly Australia.



IMG_5230 2

What to drink: 

Is this even a question? Order the Painkiller if you come here. It’s famous here and what the BVI is known for. Okay, well maybe it’s not the only thing they are known for, but whatever. The Painkiller is a tasty mix of 4 parts pineapple juice, 1 part cream of coconut, and 1 part orange juice, and a bit of nutmeg. And also rum. They have beer too if you aren’t up for it. We somehow started drinking painkillers at 8am on our catamaran – oops.

IMG_5218 4